Grim Services, LLC
Who are we?

Data Stream Grim Services, LLC is a Professional Services firm in the Greater St. Louis area specializing in Information Technologies and Logistics. We are experts in Data Engineering, Data Science, Web Apps, and more. We also provide Staffing and Other Services for all of your ancillary needs. We cover it all.

Do you want to run your apps in the cloud? We've got you covered with industry-expert knowledge on anything from the lowest-cost cloud service providers to the biggest, depending on the options, performance, and durability that matters to you.

Do you prefer a more hybrid approach, with some of your services remaining on-premise while other things are in the cloud? That's not a problem for us. We have extensive industry experience in managing software on-premise and connecting them with cloud services.

The Founders

Will Profile Pic William (Will) Grim is a highly experienced software engineer and entrepreneur with over 16 years of experience. He holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, and he has worked at companies ranging from successful startups to Fortune 500. He has experience managing teams of software engineers and facilities management crews.

Two of the big names where Will earned his credentials are Morgan Stanley and Roblox, Starting in New York, NY, he spent many of his formative years as an engineer on Morgan Stanley's commodities trading platforms before moving into videogames for a couple years. Afterwards, however, he moved back into finance, working a number of years at Belvedere Trading.

In each of these roles, he learned how to navigate companies from startups to Fortune 500, and he sharpened his acumen in the tops of Big Data Engineering, On-Prem/Cloud Infrastructure Management, and fostering teams to build these complex pieces of software.

Aside from the bigger names, he either founded or took on side-hustles in companies of 5 employees or less, providing his experience in Big Data Pipelines and Cloud Infrastructure Management to rapidly build out huge datasets in short periods of time. Simultaneously, he learned how to develop full-stack web applications to round out his abilities.

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